365 Days a Dev: A Review

Some days I can hardly believe it: I have been working as a developer for more than a year! 😱

Apr 07 2020

When CSS beat Javascript

As a bootcamp-educated developer, I would always feel the pressure to quickly level up to the 'higher' programming languages, and 'graduate' from HTML and CSS.

Feb 16 2020

How To Ask Someone To Be Your Mentor

Defining the specific outcomes you seek allows your mentor to be more focused and intentional with what they bring to your relationship.

Dec 14 2019

My Ask-Me-Anything Session with CareerKarma

When Timur Meyster, of Career Karma, asked to host an Ask-Me-Anything with their squads, it was a most humbling moment...

Nov 06 2019

GitHub Mistakes That New Devs Make

In recent weeks, several developers hunting for their first dev job have asked me to review their resumes and/or portfolios...

Oct 28 2019

Simpler is Better, if it gets the job done

Today at work, my teammate reviewed the following code I had written...

Sep 27 2019

(Don't) Always Trust Your Inner Critic

I am six months into my first dev job, and have had some time to reflect on my experience so far. I don’t think I have ever been this in-tune with and plugged-in to a job; I think it ...

Aug 20 2019

Working-From-Home with a Sick Child

I’m about 5 months into my first job as a developer. Officially, we do not have standard work-from-home days; however, we are allowed to work-from-home due to unplanned and unavoidabl...

Jul 15 2019

Lessons In Agility: My First Dev Team Project

I recently wrapped up at The Firehose Project. 🎉 With 3 other remote developers, I built a chess application on Rails (with some JavaScript) using Agile Development principles. The 7-...

Sep 03 2018

No Longer The Lone (Coding) Wolf...

I recently started the phase of my bootcamp where students tackle building a complex web application — a chess game — as part of an Agile Development Team.

May 21 2018

What 'Done' Looks like: Test-Driven Development

As part of my current project — building an Instagram-like app called “Grammable” — I’m being introduced to the efficient world of Test-Driven Development. We’re using the RSpec gem t...

Apr 06 2018

Mentorship: A Safety Net

As part of my web development program, I’ve been paired with a fantastic mentor (shout out, Jeremy!). We’ve completed only one session; yet, I want to share on how his mentoring is al...

Feb 19 2018


No More 'New To Opensource' Excuses!

As a newly-minted coding bootcamp grad, I was terrified of opensource. During bootcamp, I had tried to configure dev environments for several well-known opensource projects, but that ...

Jul 07 2019