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The Non-Cliche Guide To Breaking Into Tech

It took 196 days from the day I completed my online coding bootcamp, to the day I received the letter offering me a Software Engineering position at a large Virginia-based company.

Feb 07 2019

The Blessing of Rejection: Growing Past the 'No'

I feel almost guilty to admit that it’s taken me just shy of 3 weeks to write this post. If you’ve followed my developer journey so far, you’ve read about my coding challenges and tri...

Sep 18 2018

Lessons In Agility: My First Dev Team Project

I recently wrapped up at The Firehose Project. 🎉 With 3 other remote developers, I built a chess application on Rails (with some JavaScript) using Agile Development principles. The 7-...

Sep 03 2018

No Longer The Lone (Coding) Wolf...

I recently started the phase of my bootcamp where students tackle building a complex web application — a chess game — as part of an Agile Development Team.

May 21 2018

What 'Done' Looks like: Test-Driven Development

As part of my current project — building an Instagram-like app called “Grammable” — I’m being introduced to the efficient world of Test-Driven Development. We’re using the RSpec gem t...

Apr 06 2018

Ruby As A Second Language

This week’s coding challenge in my bootcamp had my brain all knotted up. I was already fatigued from solving (most of) 32 CodeWars katas, but I was scheduled to discuss said challeng...

Mar 08 2018

Mentorship: A Safety Net

As part of my web development program, I’ve been paired with a fantastic mentor (shout out, Jeremy!). We’ve completed only one session; yet, I want to share on how his mentoring is al...

Feb 19 2018

Better Code Than Never

Finally! I’m over the paralysis of writing my first blog post, thanks to my fellow Firehose Project classmates. While reading their blog posts, I realized that mine needn’t be a thesi...

Feb 08 2018

Beyond Arit.Dev

Women Learning To Code 2019

I created an infographic from a survey of women learning to code and yet to land their first dev job.

My Journey Into Tech

When I look back how I pivoted into software engineering, I think: 'I must have been mad!' 😂